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Retailers Recognize the Importance Lighting Has On Their Displays & on Their Budget

The Damaging Effects of Improper Lighting on Food

Retailers and department managers know first hand the harmful effect that lighting has on food. They see the results everyday when they have to trim their display cases and throw out the spoiled food that has wilted or become discolored.

This is a common occurrence for many stores who take the freshness and quality of the food on display to heart, especially if it poses a remote threat or there is a food safety risk. In todayís marketplace the emphasis in every marketing approach is fresh food, wholesome food, food that looks so great you canít wait to eat it. And that is the way it should be.

Still many retailers are struggling with high shrinkage rates in their department (merchandise that spoils quickly and has to be thrown out). Not only does this food cost the store owner a lot of money in the cost of bringing the product to market and in the lost sale but it costs the retailer in the time and energy it takes to maintain those displays.

The deli department is one of the biggest departments that experiences a large volume of product shrinkage. All the sauces and creams in those salads are extremely sensitive to the ultraviolet radiation that is being emitted from standard fluorescent lighting. Deli meats and cheeses are quick to discolor and lose flavor and moisture. Every day deli employees must stir the salads and remove any part that does not appear fresh which equates to lost revenue for that department.

Millions of dollars of food is thrown out each year as stores struggle to maintain the freshness of the product on display. Each department spends hundreds of dollars trying to combat the problem of product spoilage and many never successfully figure it out. They donít realize that their problem is attributed to improper lighting.

Even when retailers install food safe lighting that has been specifically designed to reduce and eliminate the ultraviolet radiation many departments still experience product spoilage and become even more frustrated as they search for answers. The culprit is often right above them.

Halogen Lights versus Specialty Lighting

What the department manager forgot to take into consideration was the external lighting. In most stores the idea of store design was to illuminate the store and this is often done at the expense of the surrounding departments. Overhead lighting can significantly impact the presentation and integrity of the departments items merchandised within the display cases below. Overhead lighting often produceís heat and UV radiation that causes the product to oxidize, wilt and accelerate pathogen growth.

In many instances the stores current lighting set-up uses halogen lights which produce a lot of heat and are costly to maintain and replace. These halogens are very inefficient and not very sleek in appearance.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting has come to the market place even for grocery stores and independent retailers as they look to improve their stores appeal and keep costs low. Stores that install food safe lighting in their display cases like Promolux balanced spectrum, low UV lights see a considerable difference in the appearance of the product on display.

Many stores are opting for energy efficient solutions like track lighting, replacing outdate T12 fluorescents with T5 and T8 fluorescents which helps to accentuate the departments area in natural light while conserving energy.

Promolux also offers lighting alternatives to food retailers for high impact lighting without the harmful effects that standard lighting creates. Options like PL40ís and MR16ís, which work great in track lighting systems in floral departments, above produce areas, near bakery departments and most importantly over meat and seafood counters.

So Simple, So Effective, Itís Easy!

If you want your store looking itís best without compromising your merchandise on display then install Promolux safe spectrum lamps today!

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